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TIU Holdings developed a diversified potfolio of businesses in several CEE countries in areas like : technology, telecom infrastructure, real estate, civil engineering and facility management, entertainment.


The company auditor is KPMG Cyprus and the company lawyers are Antis Triantafyllides & Sons LLC.


- Avarage yearly turnover was 100-130 milion Euros.

- Synergical diversification based on technology and innovation was the growth engine.

- Significant Intellectual capital generated by diversified R&D.

- Great leadership  and a performant management team.

Developed and successfully sold projects companies in Entertainment (UTV.Ltd - Interractive TV Music Channel), Telecom Infrastructure (NETCITY Ltd - Metropolitan Fiber Optic Infrastructure), Real Estate (UTI Headquarter Ltd - Prime Office Building).




The TIU HOLDINGS Ltd. main current investments are in the following companies:

UTI HOLDINGS BV - the technology investment vehicle domiciliated in Netherlands, having project, product and service companies in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Moldavia.

UTI SECURITY AND DEFENCE  BV - Homeland Security projets, Military hardware and software products.

LUCSORIA Ltd. - an industrial and office cleaning company.

LU DESIGN Ltd. - a service and management company.



Central Eastern Europe - the "new" Europe, continues to have a significant growth potential. The main growth engines we count on are:


innovation  like: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IOT, Criptography, Videoanalitycs


new infrastructure areas like: Hospital infrastructure, Railway, Energy efficiency


replicating in other CEE countries projects like: Traffic Management , Fare Collection, Digital Tachograph, Personal Health Dossier, Sport Arenas, Airport Infrastructure, Public Procurement System



President of the Board

Lucia started by being an English and French teacher as she worked in post university trainning.


After the Romanian Revolution, when the family launched its first business, she joined in, directing the PR and Communication Department, amongst other duties.


She also manages the UTI Foudation as well as some niche servive companies. 



Vice President of the Board

Sorana studied for 6 years in the UK (Surrey and Oxford), then returned to Romania in order to experience how a large scale business is operated.


While working for the family business she discovered her entrepreneurial nature and founded a start up (Utv), a music TV Station. Utv quickly established itself as a market leader amongst MTV, Vh1 and other local channels through innovation in both technology and concepts. 



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